The Professional Association of Mediators in Bulgaria is the first training institution accredited by the Ministry of Justice and fulfills the set standards of training for mediators.

Number of Order for Accreditation, issued by the Minister of Justice

The organization counts on a sustainable training team. The team represents a body of experienced mediators with a wide range of personal background qualifications - legal experts, psychologists, engineer and journalist. Trainers have undergone training for a number of additional specializations:

  • PAMB trainers are certified as mediators and trainers in mediation in compliance with international standards of training within the Project Commercial Law Reform (2 trainers).
  • PAMB trainers have specialized in commercial mediation in Suffolk Law School in Boston and at Harvard (2 trainers).
  • PAMB trainers have participated in the development of the Mediation Act and the Regulation on its implementation.
  • PAMB trainers have participated in the establishment and management of the first commercial mediation centers in Sofia and Stara Zagora.
  • PAMB trainers have passed a training of trainers organized by the Center for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR, UK), (5 trainers);
  • PAMB trainers have passed a training of trainers organized by the International Development Law Organization (IDLO) based in Rome, Italy (2 trainers).
  • PAMB trainers have participated in numerous seminars and trainings in mediation to obtain the capacity to inform stakeholders - commercial companies, attorneys, municipalities, judges, and campaigns to promote mediation.

PAMB has trained around 400 of the accredited mediators in Bulgaria. Not less than 300 professionals have attended PAMB’s additional qualification courses and received certificates of attendance.

PAMB provides customized trainings in compliance with the requirements of our contractors.


PAMB has implemented and participated in the following projects:

  1. “Get Ready to settle - Sofia Regional Court ADR Programme”, Period: January-October 2009, Funding Organisation: USAID’s Bulgaria Fund and the German Marshal Fund.
  2. “Mediation and the Judiciary – a Successful Blend for Improved Access to Justice and Court Services”, Period: January 2011 – June 2012 , Funding Organisation: America For Bulgaria Foundation.
  3. European Network of Mediators for Cross Border Dispute Resolution (Euro Net Mediation) - implemented by PAMB as leading organisation in partnership with Integrierte Mediation e.V – Germany and GEMME – The European Association of Judges for Mediation, Period: June 2011 – November 2012, Funding Organisation: European Commission.
  4. „Judges in ADR”, implemented by the ADR (Italy) as the lead organization, PAMB being associate partner. Implementation period: 2011 – 2013, Funding Organisation: European Commission.
  5. “Lawyers in Europe Focusing on International Parental Child Abduction (LEPCA)” – implemented by the Centrum Internationale Kinderontvoering (the Netherlands) as coordinator organization, PAMB being associate partner. Implementation period: 2013 – 2014, Funding Organisation: European Commission.


PAMB operates an internet site with functionality to provide online mediation:


In the framework of the "European Network of Mediators for Cross-border Dispute Resolution PAMB establish network of organizations that apply in practice ADR instruments.


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Accreditation from PAMB for Ukrainian Colleagues (Already)

PAMB trainers delivered  in August 2014 Mediator skills training for Alexander Omer-Imereli, Andrii Bigdan,  Vadym Rakhlis and Valentyn Gostiev - all of them citizens of Ukraine.